2015 Social Event - "Hot in Havana"




Hot in Havana Prize Winners

This year's Hot in Havana event was an evening filled with the sights, sounds and flavors of a tropical Havana resort. Our guests were asked to embody the ambience of the evening and they definitely did! Below are the winners of the various prize categories.

"Smoking Hot Resort Attire" Winners


(Left) Laura Natalie; (Right) Jason Melillo, MD

"Steamiest Dancer" Winners


(Left photo) Elizabeth Tuttle, MD; (Right photo) Dr. Jay Hari and Dr. Praveen Dubey (with Kathy Payne of Shred-it)

"The Scorcher" Winners - aka, individuals who embodied the Havana theme the most

(Left photo) Dr. Charlotte Agnone (Right photo) Dr. James Powers (both with Dr. Phil Cass)

50 Year Physician Reception Photos

50 Year Physician Honorees


(From left to right) Samuel Cataland, MD (with Dr. Andrew Thomas); Sungkyu Lee, MD (with Bryan Lee); James Powers, MD (and family); Margarette Real, MD (with Dr. Andrew Thomas); Thomas Vogel MD (with wife Darina and Dr. Andrew Thomas)


Event Videos