Malcolm Porter

Columbus Medical Association

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Columbus Medical Association
2436 Brentwood Rd.
Columbus, OH
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Work: (614) 252-2447


Malcolm Porter is a public policy and political affairs consultant based in Columbus. He has done policy and political advisory work for the Columbus Medical Association, Columbus Medical Association Foundation, Central Ohio Trauma System and Physicians Care Connection for the past 13 years. During that time he has worked with both traditional physician advocacy stakeholders and also individual CMA physician members on a broad array of issues that impact the practice of medicine. As a local medical society, CMA physicians have supported and participated in public policy development with traditional physician stakeholder organizations. Additionally, CMA physicians have been directly responsible for initiating individual pieces of legislation that were enacted on behalf of the patient-physician relationship and also physician medical malpractice policies.
In addition to working with the CMA and its affiliated organizations, Malcolm does advocacy work with other clients in healthcare, including mental health, as well as the fields of real estate development, design and construction. He is the father of two and his family lives in Bexley, Ohio.